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“I test and analyze financial products and financial advisors. So you can make informed investment decisions – and invest your money in exactly the way that suits you!”


You can find here:

  • Tests of financial advisors.
  • Analyses of financial products.
  • I show how I invest money myself.
  • I make recommendations. is a financial blog that I (Dominik Wenzelburger) started towards the end of my studies in February 2018. Since then, the project has been growing steadily and reaches around 1.5 million readers a year (125,000 readers per month on average).

Together with a small (but fine) team of financial journalists, asset managers and stock market experts, I provide you with the best content on finance and investing.

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smartphone unspl

Turkish virtual credit card: Netflix Turkey without VPN

If you want to save costs and subscription fees for services like Netflix, Disney+, PSN, Steam, Xbox Store, Youtube Premium ...
Börse Zahlen Laptop unspl

ARM IPO: How to Buy – Apply, Subscribe & Invest Shares

It's getting extremely exciting again on the stock exchange - this time at ARM: The company "ARM", which belongs to ...

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